You have just met the characters of the first book. You will meet more as the other books get published one after the other. I can tell you already that there is a crowd of characters in the universe of It-666. However you have just been introduced to the principal ones: It-666, Walter Workmaster, Azryel Mortimer, Raphael Wrath and Gabriel Purallee.

I must say that those characters constitute my heart and mind family. All of them bestow individual characteristics of what was my real family. A main member is missing, claimed by death too early, my father. I associate him to my Walter. I will not reveal any more who’s who. My real family would have to read the books to find their habits or characteristics good or bad exposed in those characters. Grin: likelihood to happen: I will be dead by then, three of them will never read English. The fourth that can is always god knows where. (Tease: this sounds already like a characteristic of…)

I studied Anthropology at university as well as Archaeological Sciences. I love observing people around me. Working in retail for many years, gave me a mine full of gems, diamonds, just pure real characters to sketch, and write about. Therefore some characters come to me from the streets…

In the same spirit, you will find scattered throughout the Compendiums, my drawings of the characters as I visualise them. Drawing is another way to express myself, which I enjoy. Many caricatures which come from my hand are based on watching the world around me.

Since I wrote the first line of the Saga of ‘It-666’, many events happened, either personal or worldwide. I draw on those in my writing. May it be a criticism, mention, or drawing a parallel line, the scrupulous might notice those passages. They are my way of digesting the harshness of the present, my own tears dropped in its ocean, my own cry.

Four books of the Saga written, one more in my head ready to be penned, with others in mind, I must say that I feel like on a journey. Hour after hour, writing about It makes my day but also night. Following her downcast footsteps until her chin finally raises to speak her mind, until she faces her first battle, until her young heart manages to spell out that she loves someone big time, etc, has been a sheer enjoyment.

Writing the characters surrounding her, was like creating a magic potion, a come again formula, which will keep me happily awake many nights. I must say the top of the crop, coming with his heady Havana cigars scent, sarcasms by the bucketful, and just his entire attitude, is Azryel, the Death Angel. A scene with him in it will make me see dawn in my garden: Sunrise.

I will not give my top ten of characters here for the Saga. However, Walt, Wrath and Gab are all getting into the list. Walter Workmaster is a joy to write. It’s simple humanity, the song of a human heart, a plea, a cry and sometimes a shout. Raphael Wrath is almost the same cry brought louder till one’s becomes deaf unless he/she did something about it. If Walt has got only words, Wrath has the power of action. He will use it to change things hopefully for the better. As for Gab, he is not as open and straight forward as Walt and Wrath, he is an underground Angel. He will think outside the box sometimes damaging it big time. I love those three and their interactions.

The World of It-666 is our geographical world with added parallel dimensions and magical physical lands or islands. It is a universe or let’s say many from the onset. It is real, complex, magical and exciting.

The first book of It-666 is all about finding her. She presents so many challenges. However she gets adopted by Walter. He makes ‘It’ alright.

The second book is all about raising her. It is a very cheerful instalment, and was a true pleasure to write. The Beast finds herself being fully taken on board by the tough Angels of Wrath, from army training to participating to their missions. She also finds herself in a true yet very unusual home, the one that welcomes her just the way she is…

The third book is all about It stepping into a massive Hell fight, and how all who embraced her, surround her particular Being with lots of love. Saving that self sacrificing Soldier from Hell becomes a rescue mission: she saved too many by her actions to be given up for dead. Wrath and Azryel will never let that happen until/if It-666 turns bad. To write, I must admit that instalment was exciting but also emotional.

The fourth book is all about…

Just read the Saga and you will know.