Father Arthur Williamson

Father Williamson is one instrumental character which changed fate by a simple trick up his sleeve: a curse. To be honest I do not let any readers know much about him at any stage in the saga. Although if we meet him again in book 3, he is still a short encounter, yet a vital one. However he is one of the main hero of the prequel trilogy to the Saga of the Beast.

Father Arthur Williamson is an Irish catholic priest. This character is never in the foreground or not for long, however like Raphael he is an enterprising puppet master, but of the human kind rather than Angelic. His aim is similar to the one of the Archangel: Save humanity at all cost.

Williamson devised a great plan to plague the up and coming Beast. Father Arthur’s ideas were followed by enough humans in a very specific secret society to make it work: It-666 would be a creature born with a feeling heart and a conscience. This is a terrible troubleshooting and predicament for a created monster. Not only that, to reinforce his deed, the Priest added to the mix: nurture and culture, by giving the Beast to Nun Tess to be looked after, with his special instruction on how to raise Eremiel’s daughter.

His beautifully simple human way to fight evil does not lack irony. It’s a purely art and craft affair which worked so well that it infuriates evil against Father Williamson, to the extent that when caught the Priest faced a torturing death at the hand of Eremiel, followed by his soul being dragged to Hell. Supposedly prisoner of hellish flames for eternity, until he meets the Beast he cursed, fighting down there, now aged sixteen, a soldier of the Angelic Army…

How to describe that influential character?

Arthur is all about creating Heaven upon Earth and preventing Hell to reign upon it. He is a myth, an idea, an hero. He is king Arthur born into a Priest to save humanity.

Imagine someone with long white hair, a piercing hazelnut gaze, tall and somewhat a little corpulent, and you will get close to the vision of Arthur. He has wizard written all over him: Another ‘Merlin’. He is someone that you can not track easily. Yet he will pull a fair few triggers unnoticed, making everything move in the right direction.

Father Williamson has engineered the Beast’s curse from scratch, but also her abduction, and how to keep her hidden from all. It almost worked, apart that the Beast was found at some point, when he was horrendously tortured and he revealed her whereabout, five years later. The enormity of his simple human plot was from then on in jeopardy. It precipitated the death of Nun Tess. All their hard work and scheme to prevent the destruction of humanity only relied on one individual only: the Child Beast. Did they do enough to secure her heart and character? They did well enough for an Angelic character, the Tutor, to carry on with their project and further ‘It’’s formative years in a very Being’s way.

Like Tess, this character is a very important one in the prequel of It-666 Saga. Whatever steps Arthur Williamson took to protect humanity are simply rewriting the fate of all, from humans to the Beast passing by the one of Angels.
Watch this space.

For the trivia, Arthur is the middle name of someone special who made me step forward in my own life. The magic he employed were just words. Applying those words into practice brought magic into my life, transforming my future. The kind of magic, I am talking about here, is not about stardust sprinkled over your shoulders anointing you, transforming you from toad to prince, no it is more humble and human than that. The one, I am on about is a good conversation, a one to one, words of wisdom that inspire you beyond belief, enough to make you walk into a certain direction more firmly than ever, the one of your inner dreams. It does transform you into who you aspire to be, to become, to do, by telling you about all the human steps it involves.

It is confidence building: ‘Yes, humans did walk on the moon. Why would you not realise your dream?’

What is stopping us on our track? Fear, shyness, money, others… Everything can be worked upon.
One thing you must be clear upon is that it is your life. So do you want to be a cork thrown wherever the waves and tides go or upon the surf board guiding it the way you want, with all the thrill of it. Yes you might get thrown from the surf board, yes popping your head out of the rough water in this instance feels so much better, so much more alive than little ‘corky’ having none of its ways, doing so.

Ask yourself what would you do if you win the lottery, big time. Sometimes, the answer is your true dream. Two years ago, answering to that one, I replied being a full time writer, published author and having my own publishing company. The question hitting me back was simply: ‘How would you feel if you have achieved all this without a lottery win?’.

Many smiles (from ironical to genuine passing by disbelief): ‘Very good indeed, proud. How would I go about it?’

The coming response was: ‘Let’s find out together. It is going to be sheer hard work.’

Two years later, I tick two boxes out of my three dreams. Yes, it was sheer hard work: Like being on a 24/7 non stop. Yet, do I feel proud of the achievement? A thousand times yes, I wish my RIP dad would have seen his ‘Pupuce’ do so well from scratch.

I will never sit pretty and wait for the lottery to make my dreams come true, I will work upon them and make them more concrete and tangible by sheer hard work, one simple step at a time: hard working, may be, rewarding, definitely. But it brought my dreams fast forward to a certainty within two years. Fight the myth that you have to be rich first to live your dreams. The inverse is the reality of the matter. To be rich is not a money matter either. It is a heart one.

Father Arthur Williamson is very much a combination character. Like my mum would say about herself that she is a ‘Tutti Frutti’, a cocktail, I can say the same about Williamson. There is a mix of inspiration that created him to his specific blend: a bit of King Arthur, with a good amount of my very real Arthur, and an added dash of Merlin thrown in for good measure like Tabasco in a good ‘Bloody Mary’.

I will not provide quotes for that special character in this Compendium. He will be fully revealed when the Prequel goes to publication.

We meet ‘It’ at the start of the saga, aged 16, in an appalling state. Kept in a cage, starved, tortured, left in her own mess, the teenager has only one wish, the one of dying. Representing all we fear, the incarnated Beast, is a young distressed Being. She had far from the most enjoyable start in life.
I must say before I even start talking about him, I am fond of Walter who earned himself many nicknames from Wreck-Man to the shit-stirrer. If the character was alive and real, I would take him to the pub and go for a long ‘talking shit over pints’ session, reviewing whatever happened that week from news to politics passing by a glimpse on our love lives and see where they are at, eager to ear what he had to say about everything.
Gabriel plays a very important character in the saga. We meet him in the first book as incarnated Doctor Gabriel Purallee. Strangely enough that ambivalent Angel is the one that all turns to for some sort of stability. His clinic and his house serve as a refuge, the safe haven where one can hide to stay alive.
The ex-wife of Walter Workmaster is the human and younger sister of the incarnated Gabriel Purallee and the mother of the incarnated Michael. In Angelic terms, she is a very special person chosen to carry one or more Angels back to their incarnated form. Did she knew about it? She had no clue at all. She had no conception that her son, brother and uncle are Archangels until she stumbles upon an Angelic meeting led by Raphael at his AA club in the middle of the night. Like her husband, humans have no ideas that Angels are walking among them and looking after them and Earth. It is a secret which is revealed to her as her uncle facing the hard choice of either erasing the memory of her niece or letting that human know about the presence of Angels in the world, chose the latter risk. Brain washing Caroline is out of the question for him, purely and simply because the Archangel has a soft spot for the human he helped raising but he also has respect for her original individuality, which reminds him of his own self.
We meet Michael, age eight, called Micky by all. This important Archangel has only recently incarnated once more and his human childhood makes him be temporally at a vulnerable stage. However he was given parents of choice in Walter and Caroline. Both are nurturing and loving him to bits.
Wrath is a character which tells you how it is in his standards and will force you to them by any mean, without almost any regards for who you are. Raphael has a physical presence that can make you quiver and he knows it. He plays with it shamelessly like a cat on a mouse chase. He can make it as sweet or cruel for you depending on his plans, schemes and temper. Wrath is renown to have a very short temper, trying him is definitely a bad idea. He comes with strings attached. He is full of them. Worse, he is the leader of them: anyone he pulls can spell your doom or your blessing momentarily. Raphael as a puppet master could be all good if his mind would not switch in a nanosecond to an entire other direction. Raphael is frighteningly so impulsive yet it is also his main skill, quick thinking, acting fast, he kills anything in the bud before it can fester away.
If Wrath was daunting enough, his henchman is even more unsettling. What can I say to bring justice to Azryel’s character? I absolutely adore writing him. Azryel Mortimer is a character which grew a life from my pages and into my own heart. If there was a fan T shirt, black with a big red heart in the middle saying: ‘I love Az’, I would wear it proudly with no shame at all. It is odd for an author to say that they are the first ‘groupie’ of their created characters but I can only admit that I am for this one.
From all of Raphael’s Angels, Asha is one with a very kind heart and the patience of a true Angel. He will take the time to explain things to the lay human without being ordered to do so. He will offer his shoulders without being asked. Known as the ‘Philosopher’, he has a calm, poised and understanding attitude about him.
We meet the character of Liz Arczy briefly in the first book. She then develops slowly but surely throughout the saga to a certain potency and consequence. Receptionist at the clinic of Gabriel, the red head human picked the interest by her quirky personality.
What can I say about that character? That you will never be able to quite grasp The Tutor even with your best intentions and most clever brain cells fully switched on. Elusive yet fully on, it is a whimsical idea of God, a pure allegory.
Nun Tess was the tough catholic sister who abducted the Beast at her birth on the 6th of June 1996 with Father Williamson. She is the one that took charge of her care up until It-666 was five years old. On the fifth birthday of the Beast, she was killed ruthlessly before her by men paid to abduct the child.
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What can I say about that character? That you will never be able to quite grasp The Tutor even with your best intentions and most clever brain cells fully switched on. Elusive yet fully on, it is a whimsical idea of God, a pure allegory. I must confess that it is one of my hardest characters to write about. He is the Sum of all Souls. You may find him beguiling. You may find him intimidating for he is. However whenever he steps in, he brings immediate relief with his presence. However he is the one the Angels will seek out to resolve their issues and dilemmas. Daunting, mysterious, knowing more than he will reveal at any one time, talking almost with riddles and puzzles to work out, he is the hard core of entities.
Wendy Workmaster is a character which is only mentioned here and there. Wendy is past, gone and dead yet remembered by many with a sore heart, especially her twin brother Walter and her fiancé Gabriel. How to describe Wendy? She was another little Walter, a pure Workmaster through and through. She could finish the sentence of her brother and he could finish hers. They would laugh and cry at the same time, at the very same things. Physically, she is a tomboy blond, the exact copy cat of her brother. Very pretty in understated ways, she grabbed the overwhelming attention of Archangel Gabriel.
Cecile is the Au-pair girl of the Workmasters. We only encounter her briefly in the first book of the Saga. The French girl had been living with Caroline Workmaster and her son Michael to help out. The single Caroline is a busy doctor with irregular shifts which rendered an Au-pair girl invaluable. Cecile is reliable and her nice character is well liked by the entire family. She gets on well with everyone. Her responsibilities range from babysitting to picking up Micky from school, passing by helping him with his homework.
Tango Charlie is a human character which only appear in the first book. CIA/security agent, code name Tango Charlie is one of the Service secret connections of Big Gab and his Uncle Raphael. However if Wrath uses the services of human secret agents with scarcity and sagacity, his nephew prefers using their services to soliciting the ones of the Angels of Raphael. On the part of Gabriel, you may call this pride, or an ongoing feud with Wrath which makes him reluctant to ever have to ask the elder Archangel for help.
Mister ‘3’, ‘Santa Morte’, The Aryan, henchman Colt and Big Brother 4 are all humans at the service of Paul Peterson. They are all killers apart for Big Brother 4 who is the security watcher at ‘P’s’. They are all fearing the demonic politician. They will follow his orders to the letter to save literally their own skins and they will be ruthless about it.
Well, here we arrive at a character which I kept in reserve for the last to be mentioned: Eremiel, the father of the Beast, aka, Evil. Fallen Archangel, the extremely handsome Eremiel is bad to an unsettling purity. He is the nasty piece of cake that the Angels have constantly faced for almost an eternity as their Arch-enemy. He ruled Hell for a long while, after being ‘fired’ by the Tutor and sent there, and after depositing Hades from his Hell throne, shortly afterwards. Eremiel is the evil character in It-666 Saga: we meet him in all the books written in one form or another. He is that undermining constant Being which wants none to have an ‘happy ever after’ apart from himself.